After laptops and phones, ChatGPT is coming to smartwatches; here’s

ChatGPT is one of the fastest-growing services in the world. It cleared the 100 million mark faster than TikTok. This is when the service is available via a website, which can be slow and cumbersome to reach. Imagine the scope of the AI if it sits right on your writst. ChatGPT is now entering the domain of smartwatches.

A US-based wearable company Amazfit has made an announcement. The company, owned by Zepp Health, has created the world’s first ChatGPT-empowered watch face. What it essentially means is that the ChatGPT AI will be available as an assistant on the smartwatch to provide basic fitness statistics as well as to answer your other queries.

The ChatGPT watch face has been coded using the AI tool. This is a new level of human-AI interaction. Users will get the health and fitness data that they care about most. Amazfit has incorporated ChatGPT into the coding of its watch faces on its self-developed operating system for smartwatches, Zepp OS.

This new ChatGPT integration will allow users to access more personalised experiences tailored to their needs and preferences.

How will it work?

The new ChatGPT watch face will introduce a shortcut to accessing the power of AI. Additionally, it will be tuned to offer critical fitness data readily and on demand. It will be easy for the user to even ask more generic questions that would otherwise require a phone or a laptop.

Snapchat also introduced My AI chatbot which uses the same large language model as ChatGPT. Since it is experimental, Snapchat has warned users that the information provided by the AI might be inaccurate.

While AI’s work is almost indistinguishable from what a human writes, Snapchat has requested its users to let other know if they are using the AI to respond to texts.

In a statement Snapchat said, “We’re working closely with Open AI to bring My AI to Snapchatters, built with the latest ChatGPT. We believe there should be transparency when AI is involved in content creation. If you share content generated by My AI with others, please let them know AI was involved in your work.”

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