ChatGPT on a Wear OS smartwatch

With the progress in generative AI, that subsequently become more prominent. The product that is able to get significant attention globally is the ChatGPT, the same making its path to Wear OS smartwatches.

Alternatively, “WearGPT” is a free app that is favored for all Wear OS smartwatches. It comprises Wear OS 3 and Wear OS 2. This app is put has a simple motive, which provides the power of ChatGPT to your Wear OS smartwatch.

Furthermore, the app accommodates voice input via Google’s voice input tools and also allows reading responses aloud. Similar to ChatGPT on the web, it enables you to simply ask a question or add a prompt, by which you’ll eligible to get AI-generated responses. Apparently, there are also alterations to ow the works. It includes setting token limits, speeding up the text-to-speech settings, and many more.

In addition to this, the developers of the app pitch it to those who prefer to have “hands-free communication or have visual impairments.” At the same time, its utility is still in question. Since, ChatGPT is magnificent, parallelly, it’s also quite overlong. As responses from the chatbot sometimes can go on for quite a while. Therefore, it appears considerably tedious for a smartwatch. This is in terms of space on the watch screen, and also holding up the wrist long enough in order to get the complete response. Thus, it is quite tough to differentiate the use of ChatGPT on a smartwatch with respect to Google Assistant.


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