December 2022 Calm Calendar — Calm Blog

The Calm Calendar is an invitation to meet your life with presence and curiosity. 

Our daily mindfulness affirmations serve as encouragement to learn more about yourself and the world. All to say it’s not about getting it right, but rather checking in with yourself, deepening your awareness and celebrating each step of the journey.

This December, as we celebrate the holiday season, we invite you to lean into community, connection and compassion.

Subscription Calendar

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Compatible with Apple, Google, Outlook and Yahoo


Make Calm’s Calendar your wallpaper on your desktop or tablet. We’ve created a variety of sizes to match your screen resolution. 

⬆ Click on the image above to download and print.

Share your journey

Please remember that you are not alone on this journey. You’re joining thousands of people from across the globe in this mindful adventure. Please share your experience and tag us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or join the discussion in the Daily Calm Community.

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