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Valentine’s Day

It is once again time for a declaration of love to this one, very special person. Each year on Valentine’s Day, we celebrate our beloved, who makes every minute and every hour so special for us. The Rado True Square Open Heart is able to capture every moment of it, as this watch is equally unique: its square format with its gentle corners and edges, its exceptional materials and a skeleton dial design in a class of its own. Is there a more suitable gift for a very special person?

Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver

The new Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Diver comes in six models, each one with a distinct character, to match the most discerning tastes of true watch lovers.

Helping you find the perfect gift

Rado Gift Finder

Helping you find the perfect gift

Looking for a memorable gift? A Rado watch is the perfect present for every occasion! Discover our many collections by using our Gift Finder! Dare to Explore!

The unconventional beauty of ceramic

Master of materials

The unconventional beauty of ceramic

Hypoallergenic comfort, lightness and the very special sensation of ceramic against your skin – unmistakable, sensual and unique with Rado high-tech ceramic.

Our featured styles

Browse a selection of our most popular timepieces.

Dive into Captain Cook’s World

A pioneer since 1917

Water-resistant watches have been around since the 1920’s. In 1960’s Real Diving watches were launched making it possible then to use them as a tool underwater. RADO was one of the first to explore this new invention.

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Access the most exclusive services and discover the wealth of knowledge of our Customer Service Team.

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Find your nearest store, boutique or service centre.

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